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The Legend Of Pirate Cove

In the late 1500s, hoards of pirates and plunderers roamed the open seas. In these parts, one of the most ruthless of the time was an English pirate by the name of Sir Thomas Cavendish. During this period, England was at war with Spain. Hearing of Spain’s acts of war on English merchants, including capture, murder and torture on the high seas, Queen Elizabeth commissioned the “Sea Dogs” to harass and degrade the Spanish whenever encountered. These men included Sir John Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Thomas Cavendish.

Unlike Hawkins and Drake, who were gracious to their captors, Cavendish was a bloodthirsty fiend fitting the stereotype of a pirate; he was ruthless even to his own men and his crew.

In early November 1587, while circumnavigating the globe, Cavendish captured the 600-ton Spanish galleon, Santa Anna, off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. The cargo held an estimated bounty of $3.6 million dollars! After taking what he could fit in his stores, Cavendish murdered the Spanish crew and burned the galleon. Fearing reprisals from several other Spanish galleons nearby, he sailed north to hide away. He docked on the shores where the Gulf of California and the mouth of the Colorado River meet. Cavendish and his crew celebrated this extraordinary haul by feasting and drinking the night away.

After a night of wild and riotous boozing, the entire crew all fell into a drunken stupor. In the middle of the night, some of the crew, blinded by greed, filled a chest full of gold and fled the camp. The next morning Cavendish and his crew sailed away not even realizing some of the crew had fled.

Paranoid by their own mutiny and the threat of the Spanish, the crewmen fled at a maddening pace. They relentlessly followed the shores of the Colorado fighting the elements and the unfamiliar landscape…vowing never to be caught.

After what seemed to be an eternity, they came across a river inlet they found perfectly suited to be their temporary hideout. They set up camp and settled into a spacious cove off the water. As pirates do, they celebrated their newfound camp with a raucous, rum-filled party that lasted for days!

As days and weeks passed, the mutinous crew began to realize no one was after them and decided to call the cove their home. They were friendly to the natives and even took on wives and settled into the cove! The pirates spent the rest of their lives right here, on these shores, enjoying their carefree ways, singing and drinking the days and nights away…never enjoying the fruits of their heist.

The chest of gold was never used and has never been found. Legend has it that it’s buried on the very shores of this cove!!

In tribute to the tale of Pirate Cove, we bring you a spirited and intriguing beach bar and restaurant, overlooking the cove that Cavendish’s mutinous band of pirates called home; it now bears the name Pirate Cove. We hope this establishment becomes legendary in its own right… entertaining a new breed of “pirates” with the best that our bountiful cove has to offer!!


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